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Strobe Light     120dB 6 Tone Siren
Lighted Address Numbers

  • Siren Alerts Neighbors help is needed.

  • Strobe Light Guides First Responders

  • Lighted Address Numbers Allows For Easy Home Identification And Ambient Street Lighting

4 Camera Surveillance System

The ViiW 360 has 4 street view cameras to give you superior coverage of your home.  Our camers are IR and color night vision motion sensor cameras.  24/7 video recording to SD cards (SD cards included).  Set cameras to send pictures to your phone with an alarm push.  Set a 360* desired level of motion sensitivity to secure the parameter that best suits your needs.  Set parameter zone alarm or play pre recorded message when zone is breached.  2 way live audio allows you to communicate to family and friends, delivery persons or even confront wrong doers from a safe distance.  

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